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  • Jun 29, 2016

Sad place to work if you're an honest person

company Butler Health System
City Butler, PA
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Former job since 2016
Position Employee

Workplace Safety

Very cliquey place to work. You're not given credit when you accomplish important tasks unless you're in with their groups. Management only believes their management staff. They don't listen and apparently only hire managers for offices on the advice of doctors-not because they're qualified to do the job. Often times, they don't know what they're doing and it causes more problems for the staff. They change rules continually and allow people in their cliques to break them and write up others. Higher management is in denial of this making for multiple stressed out workers who are denied being heard. "Special" staff are not required to pull their own weight and are allowed to stand around gossipping, eating and texting throughout the work day while the "Non-Special" staff are struggling with heavy work loads. They will be berrated for not getting it done while the special staff smirk and act superior. I've noticed some staff are completely ncompetent, and because they play off of the supervisor's sympathies, are excused for constant errors made in EMR , like wrong information scanned under wrong patient's name, incomplete or blank forms scanned in , making unknowing staff think they signed forms that were never filled out. Some things are never put in that are detremental to the patient's health, like medications or allergies, hx of alcohol or drug abuse . Incompetence seems to be rewarded if you know how to play the game. People wh are not clinical are entering information into EMR that is often incorrect or missing. Staff coming in from private practices with their doctor who signed up with BHS are allowed to be rude to patients and openly gossip about them while they are standing in plain view and can hear them. But, because they came with their doctor-no action is taken. Their staff often lie to management and via the doctor they came with, are protected from being held accountable. It's avery manipulative and unhealthy environment. Responsibilities are not equally shared and protected staff refuse to comply with the hospital standards and are often times lazy and only concerned with cementing their popularity with doctors and office managers. It's sad-The patient should always come first and staff should be backing up the other staff to get work done. Management needs to listen to all staff-not just their favorites and management should stop picking favorites and be objective . They should learn to keep things balanced and fair so no one walks away feeling unheard and dissatisfied.

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  • Already stated in my comments

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