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CAMC has provided a stable work environment with opportunities for growth. Hard work is rewarded.

EmployeeWorked in Administration at Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc. in Charleston, WV at the time of review.

What I like

My father-in-law was diagnosed with a terminal illness which required frequent days of missed work. My manager and coworkers helped pickup the slack making being away easier. When he passed I had nothing but support and when I return to work and had difficult days I always had the emotional support to keep going.

What I dislike

I feel that, because if our geographic location, it was believed that safety issues that plague larger, urban areas were not of concern. Safety in turn lapsed. My organization listened to staff, engaged them in safety processes, and is working on making changes to protect not only its employees and customers. I see improvements daily.

Suggestions for improvement

More efforts need to be focused on retention, and fostering a sense of non punitive action to reporting lapses in policy and procedure to help quality improvement.

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