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company CanvasIT
City Atlanta
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Former job since 2016
Position Others
Department IT

Company culture

For this category, I believe the phrase "actions speak louder than words" can accurately sum up CanvasIT's company culture. One of the main things that made me accept the job in the first place despite the pathetic wage was the "mentorship program", in which help desk workers (like myself) would be paired with a level 2 technician and would shadow them in order to learn more about the technical aspect of maintaining and administrating an IT infrastructure. However, when the time finally came and we got around to the implementation of the mentorship program, we received packets which detailed the mentorship program as I understood it to be and as was described when first hired, but we were informed by our manager that we needed to sign the forms in the packet, but that the information in the packet was not applicable in the slightest to what his implementation of the mentorship program would be, which essential just turned into a 30 minute conversation once a week between myself and another help desk coworker, which is, in essence, the exact same thing we do every day any way. I was outraged to say the least. There are other examples I can use, but the bottom line is this: the manager makes promises of grandeur in order to placate his employees but never honors those commitments.

Support from Management

Manager was very unprofessional. Worked me to the bone (there was one two week pay period where I worked 165 hours because a coworker became pregnant) and tried to increase the number of tasks for which I would be responsible for the same, unacceptably low pay. When an attempt was made to negotiate a more reasonable rate of pay for the extra work I was tasked with, the hours I put in, and the fact that this "career" (which is how the position was initially sold to us) was paying less than I was making as an intern; (while not to my face) the manager, along with assistant and human resources, essentially scoffed at the very idea of increasing my pay and were having a good laugh at my expense (report came from fellow coworker who overheard the whole thing while it was occurring). Then, in order to justify this denial for an increased wage, he started making up excuses that weren't even true (he attempted to state that I was not solving issues that I should have been able to easily solve and had been receiving email about them, but he couldn't even come up with a single example of such an instance and was wondering why this was the first I was hearing about this when he is so quick to correct whenever something is not done correctly). It was these factors which ultimately led to my resignation (same day it occurred) from canvasit.

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