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Wonderful Company to work for!

EmployeeWorked in Marketing/product management at CPR/HEARTPLACE in Dallas, TX at the time of review.

Company Culture

Everyone's goal is the same, to help patients and support each other. Each individual's purpose is important for success!

Internal Communication

Response from any entity of the company is almost immediate.


Everyone works together to work through whatever the challenge may be.

Work-Life Balance

Very understanding about accomplishing work goals and balancing life.

Support from management

Very communicative and approachable. Fun to suggest fresh ideas and ways to implement new projects.

Freedom to work independently

5 stars says it all.

Inclusive / Diverse

I have the pleasure to interact with a wonderful diverse group.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I have so much respect for those who have a lot of experience and longevity.

Office / Work Environment

It is a good atmosphere

Overall compensation for your work

Appreciation is reflected in my compensation.

Job Security

I always want to go above and beyond to make a difference for the wonderful company and physicians.

Company Image

Always room for improvement to have a more polished image and excellent customer service

Career Development

Room for opportunities as my challenges increase

Challenging Work

I am so excited to have taken on new projects that will benefit the company and physicians.

Gender Equality

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Company Response

Russ Dooley

Thank you so much for your kind review. We sincerely appreciate it!