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Carolinaeast Medical Center:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Hospital & Health Care
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Carolinaeast Medical Center experience report

  • 16.Mar 2018
  • Employee

This company stands behind it's employee's and provides a positive work environment, as well as job...


Suggestions for improvement

  • The meals we have during night shifts are horrible. The food is not good. Need more healthy choices, besides just a salad or a yogurt. Cheeseburgers, fries, greasy grill food is not a healthy meal nor are the many starch selections. More food around the clock versus just at a particular time of the evening.

What I like about the company

The 'Here To Serve' motto at my company is fantastic and it sets our standards above the competition. I enjoy walking through the halls and being greeted by a smile, a 'how are you doing' or a good morning/afternoon/evening. The atmosphere of the employees with the standards we have at my organization sets us apart from others. We take pride in our personalable atmosphere not only to our hospital guests/visitors but with the employees as well. The company always strives to achieve better than what we did yesterday, last month or even last year and improve on the things/areas that need work. I feel like my voice is heard and I'm not just a number on the payroll. I really enjoy working at my company!!

What I dislike about the company

The limited parking spaces we have and no transportation to/from our vehicles to the main hospital is very much a disconcerting problem. Getting to work on time is a struggle because of the parking issues we have.

Company Culture
Support from management
Freedom to work independently
Internal Communication
Gender Equality
Attitude towards older colleagues
Career Development
Overall compensation for your work
Office / Work Environment
Environmental Friendliness
Work-Life Balance
Company Image
Job Security
Handicapped Accessibility
Workplace Safety
Challenging Work
Inclusive / Diverse

The following benefits were offered to me

Parking is offered Stock or equity options is offered 401(k) is offered Desirable office location is offered 401(k) Match is offered Flexible spending account is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered Life insurance is offered
  • Company
    Carolinaeast Medical Center
  • City
    New Bern
  • Are you a Current or Former Employee?
    Current employee
  • Position

The following perks were offered to me

On site cafeteria is offered Health and wellness programs is offered Employee events is offered Fitness center on site is offered