Catholic Health Initiatives: What's it like to work here?

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Just a wonderful place to work that values its employees, their development and interprofessional teamwork

EmployeeWorked at Catholic Health Initiatives - Iowa, Corp. in Des Moines, IA at the time of review.

What I like

They have so many continuing education opportunities in order to continue my professional growth. This is a teaching hospital which opens up everyone to be helpful and supportive. Really helps their employees feel supported and like they want them to be the best possible version of themself

What I dislike

Just could improve the facilities with renovations/improvements/up-to-date equipment.

Suggestions for improvement

Once agin, just renovations and becoming up to date with equipment. The health care field is constantly making advances and sometimes CHI does not advance with the. The care absolutely advances and incorporates research, however no always does the equipment.

Company Culture

Really has that "family" feel that sounds cliche, but is really present.

Internal Communication

great communication


really promotes interprofessional teamwork.

Work-Life Balance

Healthy coworker interaction leads to healthy work-life balance and activities outside of work

Support from management

Allowed me to gear my schedule and areas I work in toward my interests

Freedom to work independently

I am trusted to do my duties without someone watching me

Inclusive / Diverse

fair workplace that does not discriminate

Gender Equality

Predominantly a women-based work environment

Attitude towards older colleagues

fair workplace

Office / Work Environment

always trying to have the best workplace enviornment and recently renovated

Environmental Friendliness

Could improve their green initiative. Hard to with many one time use items for sterile purposes in the health care field

Handicapped Accessibility

generally handicap accessible, however many job duties are not

Workplace Safety

values maintaing safe work environemnt including training on body mechanics and such

Overall compensation for your work

Well-compensated for area comparisons

Company Image

Absoultely great place to work that is invested in my professional development

Career Development

Lots of training opportunities to help me grow into a better clinician

Challenging Work

Working in the health care field is always challenging from a health care status and working with the public

Job Security