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Overall good experience for growth and learning within th company. Pay was low and I wanted to live somewhere else.

Former EmployeeWorked at Cbs in Baltimore Highlands, MD.

What I like

I really learned a great deal. Managers listened and respected me and my thoughts and explained theirs. Great place to grow.

What I dislike

The top managerment was too hands on without explanation and real indetanding of day to day business needs. Could be very frustrating

Suggestions for improvement

Let managers control their department rather than a general manager controlling things he's not familiar with.

Company Culture

Old equipment but great people

Internal Communication

A lot of miscommunication


Happy place to work with coworkers

Work-Life Balance

Yes with confines of off hours

Support from management

Old equipment but great people

Freedom to work independently

Some managers better than other but yes

Inclusive / Diverse

Yes but sometimes to a detriment. Allowed people to get away with things out of fear of discrimination

Gender Equality

Yes women were respected in this environment

Attitude towards older colleagues

Yes this isn't a prot

Office / Work Environment

Old dingy but ok

Environmental Friendliness

Not really

Handicapped Accessibility

Lots of steps

Workplace Safety

Old equipment and not clean

Overall compensation for your work

Low compensation

Job Security

Yes I was comfortable there

Company Image

I was proud of this job

Career Development

Took for growth within the clnkany

Challenging Work

Always exciting and different