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It's a very casual working environment that fosters collaboration and provides lot's of opportunities for growth.

EmployeeWorked at CBS Interactive Inc. in New York City, NY at the time of review.

What I like

Although I am fairly new, colleagues have worked to include me and keep me a part of the group by encouraging my presence at team outings to foster growth and inclusion.

What I dislike

I have a feeling that internal mobility may be a difficult task. It appears that most teams are small and like to keep their own for extended periods of time. I've experienced this at other companies before so I can identify when employees feel that they are worn down or not able to express interest in other areas confidently because of the notion they would not be given permission to move around.

Suggestions for improvement

Annual meetings to discuss employee growth take place. However, I feel that providing actionable interests would encourage employees to more actively strive for a goal with the expectation that there is something constructive and beneficial for them in the end.

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