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I will be conducting analytics for advocating for equality. Raising awareness! Opportunities are not equal for all.

CandidateApplied as Key account manager at CBS in New York, MO in 2016 and was deferred.

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To raise awareness to the fact that we are not all given the same opportunities for a fair chance opportunity.
We need to become United and bring awareness to the situation that all are not given the same opportunities in life.
With the knowledge that I have about opportunity. If you were born into poverty you will stay in poverty. My campaign is to bring awareness that we all should have the same opportunity to become all that we were created to be.
Instituting higher education, for every individual is a start. When we create a learning environment designed to keep the attention of every student, disabled or advanced, this will create an atmosphere for creative minds. In short giving opportunity to every child to expand a creative mind. Therefore creating the opportunities to advanced society, in ways never sought out before.

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  • Maintenance contracts for 16 unit apartment complex from start to finish. My job included a full remodel of each unit. As well as any maintenance needed in units that included tenants. All repairs were done in a timely manner. Main goals were to have tenant satisfaction, as well as investor satisfaction.
  • Friendly smiling faces from myself and former employees were an absolute must.
  • After contract ended. I went back to my previous career as a marine construction coating specialist For BAE systems. My job there consisted of running pneumatic tools common knowledge of paint mixtures as well as identifying chromium and lead paint. As well as communications with Navsea. United States Navy quarterdeck's. Possessing a contractor badge for the department of defense.

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