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Center For Hearing and 

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Good Place to Work to Gain Experience

Former EmployeeWorked for this company until 2015.

What I like

Support from management

What I dislike

Limited opportunity for career advancement and no raises

Suggestions for improvement


Company Culture

Office employees are very nice

Internal Communication

Not all company information is forthcoming. At times, have to pull teeth to get necessary information.


Team works well together but not always honest - gossipy

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is encouraged but employees are expected to work more hours when needed. Everyone is salaried, no overtime pay.

Support from management

Management is supportive of professional and educational goals

Freedom to work independently

No micro management

Inclusive / Diverse

Organization definitely value diversity as most employees are from different cultural backgrounds. New ideas are welcomed.

Gender Equality

Both genders are given the same opportunity for advancement

Attitude towards older colleagues

This is a company that hire older people as long as they are qualified for the position

Office / Work Environment

Office employees have their own office and it's comfortable to work in. A/C issues at time.

Environmental Friendliness

No recycling program in place maybe due to building management

Handicapped Accessibility

Organization is great at providing resources for people living with disabilities

Workplace Safety

No company training provided to prevent accidents or in the event of an accident. However, main entrance doors remain locked.

Overall compensation for your work

Organization depends largely on grant funding to pay set salaries. No raises.

Job Security

Your position can be eliminated at any time or for any reason. If grant is not renewed at expiration, no job.

Company Image

Organization image needs improvement to be seen positively by the community it serves

Career Development

Management is supportive of career development and will provide opportunities

Challenging Work

Work is challenging because most positions require providing direct services to families, handling their problems, and finding resources for them.