CenturyLink: What's it like to work here?

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If I didn't enjoy what I do I wouldn't be there for 15+ years

EmployeeWorked at Centurylink Boise in Boise, ID at the time of review.

What I like

It's a very good feeling when I help a customer who is upset resolve their issues and have them turn around be grateful and glad to be one of our customers

What I dislike

How often some policies change. Once you get used to doing things one way there are occasions that it changes and you have to change gears to keep up.

Suggestions for improvement

For the most part what I would like to see our company do is compensate us for using public transportation or making some kind of arrangement with public transportation so we don't have to pay daily or monthly for a pass. Or it would be also it would be nice if they provide parking for us, but being downtown they can be difficult

Company Culture

The people I work with are great

Internal Communication

Sometimes there are so many changes it's hard to communicate everything


Honesty is one of our primary principles were at work and they encourage it daily

Work-Life Balance

They have really good benefits and encourage we take vacation and personal time

Support from management

I do we get regular Feedback monthly to keep us appraised of how we're doing

Freedom to work independently

We are pretty independent and they don't have to watch us over our shoulders as we do our jobs

Inclusive / Diverse

They do and then they also include us on special projects in order to improve our processes

Gender Equality

Definitely equal opportunity

Attitude towards older colleagues

Being 45 myself I have to say they treat me very well

Office / Work Environment

Considering they don't own the whole building the environment is pretty good

Environmental Friendliness

They do encourage recycling and minimizing waste

Handicapped Accessibility

Very accessible

Workplace Safety

Working in a call center there aren't many hazardous conditions

Overall compensation for your work

More than fair there are times I think I'm overpaid

Job Security

Extremely stable I do tech-support and technology is going to be here for a long time

Company Image

My job is very fulfilling and it's critical for the company in order to retain customers

Career Development

There are definitely opportunities but some of the career changes would involve packing up and leaving which does make it a hard to consider sometimes

Challenging Work

I've been doing the job for 15 years so it's pretty standard not too difficult but it can be challenging at times