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  • Jun 29, 2016


company CHC Consulting
City Carlsbad
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Current employee
Position Employee
Department Others

Support from Management

Upper management has shown a bias against women. The employees at the Carlsbad Office are predominately male (87%). Most of the people who work here, especially employees, are completely non discriminatory and do not show bias towards women. However, middle management has little authority and power, and the three people in control of advancement and raises systematically choose to compensate women at a lesser rate than their male counterparts. The bathrooms were converted to all male for 6 months, and were only changed at the request from the corporate office. Women were almost prohibited to work in the field because someone in upper management worried that field work was innapropriate for women, making women less valuable employees. Women often leave and quit within a few years of working here because of such practices. Middle management offers unparalleled support and sympathy in such situations, but the people who are in power do little to suppress this issue. The only company sponsored sports team disqualifies women even if they want to play. This creates a work environment where women are valued less than men. Regarding male employees and everyone else, upper management regularly makes promises about raises and titles that they do not follow through with. The contract for hire features a 12 month non compete even when terminated, and also allows the company to fine anyone who leaves $1,000 for getting any of their friends work at another company. This contract alone is enough for most people to stay away. If you have any other option, do not work here.


Employees at this company are great with team work. They work well on teams and are smart, capable individuals.

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