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Cheyenne Regional Medical Center:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Hospital & Health Care
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Cheyenne Regional Medical Center experience report

  • 20.Jan 2019
  • Employee

Overall my experience has been good for the last 9 years. Recently however management is not providing the staff needed


Suggestions for improvement

  • Again, I think our benefit package needs to be beefed up. Lower premiums and lower deductibles would be very tasteful. I think retention of staff would increase if benefits improved.

What I like about the company

Personally I have had good overall experiences with CRMC. I started in 2010 fresh out of school. CRMC will hire associate prepared registered nurses which is a big perk. The starting pay is pretty competitive for the area. I have had good experiences with advancement as I have been employed. I started off on the medical unit and advanced my way to the ICU. After 6 years in ICU I decided to leave the ICU and join the picc team. This team is a group of 3 registered nurses specializes in vascular access. This opportunity has provided me with a great deal of experience and has allowed me to become an expert in inserting PICC lines. I have always felt my pay is fair in this job and have always gotten an annual raise as well as cost of living increases. Recently the company has undergone a market analysis which will compare our pay with surrounding areas and increase our pay to a more comparable rate. Our benefits recently became more expensive monthly and also an increase in deductibles. The company also recently cut back on our PTO but I still feel the rate in which I accrue PTO is fair. I've always had good experiences with my managers and i feel people are treated with respect. I would recommend working g here to my friends and family. As a matter of fact my in laws and wife all work at the hospital as well. I work with a great team and we all get along. I feel that we have the managers and director on our side helping to keep well staffed and doing what they can to assist us with what we need. We have good equipment that we use and have good relations with our vendors. I have really enjoyed working at CRMC the last 9 years and I'm grateful to have such a good place of employment. I feel that this is the best place in my city to work and I wouldnt leave CRMC to go anywhere else. I have a flexible schedule and I'm able to take vacation as long as no one else is scheduled to be off at that time. If I could rate my company on a 5 star system I would give them a 5. Thank

What I dislike about the company

I think the benefits could be improved. Just recently our premiums went up dramatically and the deductibles went up too!

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The following benefits were offered to me

Parking is offered 401(k) is offered Tuition assistance is offered 401(k) Match is offered Flexible spending account is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered Life insurance is offered
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    Memorial Hospital of Laramie County
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The following perks were offered to me

On site cafeteria is offered Health and wellness programs is offered Employee events is offered