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I can't say enough good things about this organization. It is a "dream" job. Management has always been consistent in co

EmployeeWorked in Executive leadership at Christus Health Southeast Texas in Jasper, TX at the time of review.

What I like

This company is a leader amongst its peers. As I stated in the responses there are following key strengths this organization possesses which make it such a unique and rewarding place to work:1. Transparency from management in terms of communicating clear goals and expectations, with prospects for career advancement and financial incentives spelled out which are delivered if/when goals are met.2. Fostering of a merit-based employment culture where professional accolades and advancement are directly a result of performance and not office politics or other non-performance based standards.3. The environment is one that is conducive of a collaborate/collegiate workplace where people are open with each other and not afraid to get their feelings hurt. Feedback is delivered in real time and coworkers are quick to acknowledge superior work efforts.4. There is a strong emphasis of achieving work-life balance that boosts productivity from staff.5. Excellent pay and compensation, including great benefits.6. Stability of the industry and positioning of the organization as a staple of the community which creates a greater sense of job security.

What I dislike

I honestly don't have any real constructive feedback other that I wish the company had more opportunities for career movements to other areas of the companies. There is great career mobility in departments themselves but seldom do employees have a chance to move from one department to another.

Suggestions for improvement

No improvements needed in this regard.

Company Culture

a company that is 1) transparent and 2) merit based, with clearly communicated goals that allows for upward mobility

Internal Communication

goals and expectation are clearly communicated during all phases of a project


very effective team building organization, with team-building events and a collegiate environment to encourace real time feedback

Work-Life Balance

premium is placed on maintaining a balance of work and home lives, this maximizes office productivity

Support from management

never had an issue with professional support resources or actual physical supplies/office space/conference rooms necessary to acommplish a project

Freedom to work independently

employees are true to their words and can be counted on

Inclusive / Diverse

same thought as above

Gender Equality

everyone is treated as equal regarding to age, gender or race

Attitude towards older colleagues

same thought as above

Office / Work Environment

very comfortable work environment

Environmental Friendliness

eagerness of staff to assist when necessary and signage clearly indicating organizational commitment to these ideals

Handicapped Accessibility

emphasis on handicap accessibility for ALL facilities

Workplace Safety

safety has never been a concern

Overall compensation for your work

compensation is among the top based on what I know is being paid out at comparable organizations

Company Image

ideal situation, a dream job

Career Development

career trajectory clearly outlined by supervisor, making it easy to stay focused and strive for goals

Challenging Work

I give it a 5 because no two days are the same and we are constantly pushed to our intellectual and creative problem solving limits

Job Security