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This is a great company with a great mission. Everyone I meet is so nice and helpful.

EmployeeWorked in Finance at Christus Health International in Irving, TX at the time of review.

What I like

Personally I have made a couple really good friends at Christus. One moved on to new ventures but we still keep in touch. Currently, I have a good buddy that I work with that is a nice guy and is easy to work with. We work really well together. Alot of times they cater food for us, which is nice, and it is normally good quality. My team threw us a baby shower, we got spoiled big time. It was awesome to know how much my teammates and peers support others, it really is a great team atmosphere with folks who are nice, giving, and thoughtful. I have also had the pleasure of being one on one with our company CEO in our workout facility on site. We chatted once and from that time on he knew my name and greets me every time he sees me. And I know what you are thinking, wow he knew your name woohoo...but I give that story to say this, I am surprised how many people that man can greet with a name and a smile. He really takes the time to engage with his associates from what I have seen and experienced. I also like working here for the work life balance I can achieve. Recently, we just had a baby girl and I know I will appreciate that work life balance just a little bit more now!

What I dislike

Honestly, there isnt much to say on this topic. Maybe they could get better coffee or coffee pots in the kitchen areas.

Suggestions for improvement

I would switch to wearing jeans in the corporate office, with bus casual exceptions.

Company Culture

everyone is so nice and it is so much fun working here!!

Challenging Work

my new dept is a fun challenging venture!

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