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I'd have to say circle K was a really good job to be honest. If you like a fast paced, let the time fly by type of job

Former EmployeeWorked at Circle K in Winter Haven, FL.

What I like

It was good because I had a great manager. That's what made me stay so long. Each store has it's own manager, so it really depends which store you work out to determine which manager you have. There are some really great managers in Central Florida area and some that aren't the best. The one's over in Plant City are WONDERFUL!! I'd highly recomend working for them over the Winter Haven area

What I dislike

I just did not like the long hours, sometimes in the busy hours not getting the proper breaks. Most of the time they were good about it, but there was just sometimes we didn't have enough staff to give ppl time off for their breaks etc.

Suggestions for improvement

I'd like to see the managers get higher pay and see managers promoted from within to corporate jobs. Because no one knows the business better than the store managers!!!

Company Culture

It was not the best environment. It's very hard to get promoted there, because they have so many workers in the force its just really hard to advance or stand out.

Internal Communication

They did communicate a lot, but it was normally to tell you they needed more work done.


yes they were good in this area, its just they expect so much out of you.

Work-Life Balance

way to many hours and no time at home because always working

Support from management

yes managment there was top notch, some really great managers for the company!!!

Freedom to work independently

They always wanted more out of you without any raises or advances.

Inclusive / Diverse

They have a set way to get things done, but they were always willing to consider new ideas.

Gender Equality

many of the managers are female.

Attitude towards older colleagues

yes, many older people work here. I'd rate them high on that area.

Office / Work Environment

The temperature was always nice and the area was clean because we had to keep it cleaned!!

Environmental Friendliness

this was never talked about much. however they did have 2 trash cans 1 for reg trash and 1 for recycable items. so they actuallly did care.

Handicapped Accessibility

they did offer handicap parking and allow people to apply and get hired that most other companies would not. they get a good grade in this area for sure.

Workplace Safety

They are very serious about being careful and working safely on the job.

Overall compensation for your work

the pay wasnt the greates but was fair and decent

Job Security

yes at circle k they have huge volume so your job is safe and secure

Company Image

i prefer my old job better, at circle k they always gave me 40 hrs my new job does not.

Career Development

at circle k there were, not at my new job. i wish i could go back

Challenging Work

It was a tough job. You had to multi task at all times basically. Your expected to keep up with 5 different things in a very short period of time and without enough training. They just don.