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It is a very good job with reasonable pay. The employees are helpful to each other.

EmployeeWorked at Circle k in United states at the time of review.

What I like

I like this company because the employees try to help each other whenever possible and there is a great opportunity for advancement in your career within the company.

What I dislike

I do not disapprove of anything from this company.

Suggestions for improvement

I have no suggestions or advice to make this company better than what it already is.

Company Culture

We make a pretty good team, helping each other whenever we can.

Internal Communication

Yeah. We try to communicate with each other to keep the workplace running as smoothly as possible.


Yes. We try to be as honest with each other as we can so we can xontinue having a good workplace.

Work-Life Balance

Yes. The management always checks with us before doing or finishing work schedules and whenever we have a problem or sick days, we can ask for the day off without hassles.

Support from management

Yes. We can call our Managers or Assitant Managers whenever we have a problem and they will help us along the way to fix the problem.

Freedom to work independently

Yes. The employees can handle some of the work independently.

Inclusive / Diverse

Yes. We can pitch in ideas to the manager if we feel it will omprove the workplace.

Gender Equality

Yes. The company has several female Managers,as well as Assitant Managers.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Yes. Some Managers are aged 45 or olderYes.

Office / Work Environment

Yes. We can call the Help Desk whenever a problem arises.

Handicapped Accessibility

Yes. We have pretty big bathrooms with handlebars that can assist peolle with disabilities.

Workplace Safety

Yez. We can get some training from the company's website so we can be up to date with safetyYes

Overall compensation for your work

Yes. I believe my compensation is comparable and fair.

Job Security


Company Image

Yes. It is a good job where I feel my opion is t

Career Development

Yes. The company can train you and help you if you are interested in advancing in your career within the company.

Challenging Work

It is a type of job where you are always busy.

Environmental Friendliness