CITY OF PHOENIX INC: What's it like to work here?

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Discriminatory Employer Lacks Professionalism

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked for this company until 2015.

What I like

Some of the people (coworkers) that I worked with in the Public Affairs Section treated me like family compared to that of those people (coworkers) that I worked with in the Technical Services Section.

What I dislike

The continual clashes that I had with certain supervisors as an employee due to the fact that I have disabilities in my life. And knowing that these supervisors were not willing to work with me in any way but to continually put/place me down and discriminate against me as an employee.

Suggestions for improvement

All employees, including supervisors need to take a class on personality issues to where they know how to work with those employees that have disabilities. As a former employee, I should not have the sickening feelings that I do against this company because the supervisors were not willing to work with my personalities, disabilities, and other items that occur in my life. It is completely sickening to know that supervisors within this department are getting away with unnecessary actions against other employees.

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