Community Guidelines


  1. Your forum contributions are an essential and valuable part of - every user has the right to freedom of expression.
  2. The quality of the discussions is a matter of great concern to us: is a platform for lively and interesting conversations that are intended to provide insights into companies.
  3. Therefore, appropriate forum rules apply to questions and comments. All members of the community must comply with these forum rules, which we consider during moderation.
  4. We reserve the right to remove all content that violates our Community Guidelines at any time, without providing our reasons.

Board rules


  1. Your questions or comments must contribute to providing insights into a particular company.
  2. Your comments on the question of another user must relate to the specific content of the question and should aim to answer it as closely as possible.
  3. We may remove irrelevant or offensive questions, as well as sales offers, spam, etc., at any time without providing our reasons.
  4. The further your comment moves away from the subject of the question, the more likely it is to be deleted. This also applies to questions and comments that concern the moderation of the content by members of our content team.

Factual discussion

  1. Please formulate your questions and comments in such a way that they are understandable to other users and relate to the original question as well as answers of other users.
  2. Please refrain from any suspicions or insinuations that can’t be detected

Offensive content, defamation and discrimination

  1. Treat other users with respect and refrain from using hostile language, including racist or offensive content, naming individuals’ names or including other personally identifiable information.
  2. Be careful not to disparage or ridicule anyone.
  3. Insults, threats and abusive language are not accepted.
  4. Crude or obscene language is not permitted.
  5. Content that is inappropriate or objectionable for minors will not be tolerated.
  6. Intentional or negligent false statements are not permitted.
  7. Using false identities when participating in a discussion is not allowed.
  8. Racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and other discriminatory statements or language, in which groups are condemned or denigrated in any manner, are not permitted.

Laws, regulations, and the anonymity of our users

  1. You are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in your questions and comments.
  2. In particular, you should not make any expressions against other users or companies that may be subject to laws relating to obscenity, defamation, libel, credit crimes or incitement.
  3. Calls to violence will not be tolerated.
  4. You can be held responsible for your postings - your data will be issued by us to third parties or authorities if we are legally obliged to do so.
  5. Personal data relating to third parties such as name, address and telephone number or details of the private life of others may not be published.

Disruption of the discussion

  1. Avoid spamming (i.e. several postings with the same or similar content) and flooding the debate with a high number of contributions.
  2. It is not allowed to post with multiple user accounts to give your opinion more weight.
  3. Advertising content is prohibited.

Moderation procedure

  1. Report unauthorized content: Please report any questions or comments that do not comply with the forum rules. Our goal is not to prevent freedom of expression, but to create a discussion climate in which every user is happy to participate.
  2. We strive to ensure prompt moderation of the content. Once a question or comment has been reported as “misuse” by a user, it is temporarily taken offline and reviewed by our content team. After a check of the content in question has been carried out, the content either is placed online again or remains offline.
  3. Deletion of contributions: We reserve the right to remove contributions to the forum if they violate the rules of the forum or restrict the quality of the discussion. The kununu content team has final discretion on whether to permit or delete postings.
  4. Blocking users: Users who repeatedly violate the rules of the forum will be blocked from making further postings. In serious cases, the user account may be closed and new registrations may be prohibited.