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Convergys:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Service and Support
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Convergys experience report

  • 14.Sep 2018
  • Employee

This is a Customer Service job that requires you to make sales. Its required you offer on every single call...


Challenging Work

It is definitely super challenging being required to pitch sales offers on every single call. If the customer declines the offer,you have to do your best to talk them into getting said offer by overcoming objections and/or you pitch another sales offer.. This is all while trying to actually perform customer service and helping the customer with an issue and reason for calling us in the first place. You have to also be aware of your time on the phone with each customer,as you have to have an AHT (Average Handle Time) at or below 11 minutes.

Suggestions for improvement

  • Stop focusing so much on sales and focus more on customer service, training classes should be longer because they are not nearly long enough to learn how to use all systems correctly and handle calls. Also the training systems need to be updated and more realistic;there were a lot of differences between the training and the real systems out on the production floor. It is confusing while learning in training on those systems and once out on the floor it's different.

What I like about the company

Commission for sales,opportunities to win gift cards and other items for sales,free DirecTV Service,21% discount for wireless service,PTO & UTO, benefits (medical,dental insurance coverage),my coworkers on my team are super helpful and we all help each other out when needed, my boss is great with helping out and supportive as well as understanding, I'm not treated like just another person or less than anyone there

What I dislike about the company

They push sales way too hard and expect you to continue to offer and talk customers into offers even after they have declined more than once... I think they have lost focus on customer service entirely and are way too wrapped up in sales sales sales! The focus should be back on the customer and the issue they are having and then it wouldn't hurt to offer to them. But,do not make it an absolute priority to keep offering after offering and "overcoming objections" to end up making the sale with an "assumptive close".

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The following benefits were offered to me

401(k) is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered
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The following perks were offered to me

Employee discounts is offered