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Cosmetic Car Care, 

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Very poor company to work for

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Administration at the time of review.

What I like

The travel

What I dislike

The micro manager, The back stabbing, the talking behind employees backs and the horrible pay scale

Suggestions for improvement

Get rid of all office staff and start over.

Company Culture

They talk a good game, but management has no clue how to do just that, Manage.

Internal Communication

Very poor internal communication. When management has an issue with a staff member instead of speaking with that staff member and nipping it in the but, they talk behind that persons back to other personnel. Staffing is constantly sent out to jobs with little or no information on the job they are sent to do. Also, when jobs come into the office the person that takes the phone call doesnt get all the information for the job. Pure laziness.


HORRIBLE teamwork. There are several Mexican guys that work here and they all look out for each other and talk bad about other staffing. When management goes out to jobs instead of helping and setting a good example they sit back, smoke cigars and watch the staff work.

Work-Life Balance

They expect everyone to be on call 24/7. If they call you on the weekend they expect you to drop everything and go do a job. If you say your busy they hold it against you and start cutting you out of other jobs

Support from management

No existent. Again when they are on jobs with the staff they do absolutely nothing.

Freedom to work independently

Micromanagement should be this companies tag line

Gender Equality

They will only hire men for the field staff

Attitude towards older colleagues

As you get older they start cutting you out of bigger jobs and give them to the younger guys.

Office / Work Environment

Very poor! The owner daughter works in the office and if she doesnt like you she will make your life a living hell. Office personnel is expected to work a minimum of 40 hours a week while the owners daughter comes and goes as she pleases.

Environmental Friendliness

This company has a car wash bay in the warehouse that empties right into the sewer. They use harsh chemicals such as wheel acid, etc..

Handicapped Accessibility


Workplace Safety

they dont think twice about it.

Overall compensation for your work

In the 10 years I worked in I received 2 raises. VERY POOR. Their motto is get the cheapest labor you can find so upper management can pocket more. At the end of each year they send out the same letter, " Sales were up this year, but profits were down so your bonus will be minimal this year".

Job Security

There is no job security what so ever

Company Image

To be honest I dont know how they keep clients. Most of our client speak ill of this company and they are known in the industry as the cheapskates.

Career Development

I have to laugh

Challenging Work

The work is easy, but they make it harder than it is

Inclusive / Diverse