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Great companies but numbers drivin.

EmployeeWorked at CVS Specialty in Phoenix, AZ at the time of review.

What I like

I like that I can grow with the company

What I dislike


Suggestions for improvement

Use less paper, allow more standing desks without a reasonable accommodation request

Company Culture

A good culture if you keep your head down do your work and learn quick.

Internal Communication

You get info if you ask. If your not in management you get second hand info.


I promote teamwork on my team.

Work-Life Balance

I'm always working. Mainly because IT is always an option.

Support from management

I help support other teams so i I always have help when needed.

Freedom to work independently

You are given a worklist and plenty of support.

Inclusive / Diverse

The staff and management are extremely diverse and inclusive.

Gender Equality

There are more women in a 60-40 split but pretty equal.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Older colleagues are welcomed.

Office / Work Environment

Sometimes there is too much competition or office drama over who gets promoted or hired.

Environmental Friendliness

A green company but used paper for a lot of stuff

Handicapped Accessibility

There are elevators and lots of parking available.

Workplace Safety

Very safe and active in terms of being proactive. Security and card key entries only to get in the building

Overall compensation for your work

Getting much better

Job Security

The more you know the better you will be

Company Image

Customer service oriented

Career Development

The sky is the limit

Challenging Work

Everyday something new and exciting