DaVita : What's it like to work here?


Great company to work for!

EmployeeWorked at Davita in Denver, CO at the time of review.

Company Culture

The culture ie based on teamwork!

Internal Communication

We have a daily "huddle" to talk about what's going on.


Doesn't matter if you're a tech or a nurse you do what you can when it's busy!

Work-Life Balance

That's up to you! Most people work4 days a week to get their 40 hours!

Support from management

Depends on the clinic

Freedom to work independently

Nope, gotta play by the rules!

Inclusive / Diverse

Anyone and everyone can work here. Its not based on the color of your skin, your political views, or your sexual orientation but on how much you get along with others and pull your own weight!

Gender Equality

See above

Attitude towards older colleagues

See above

Office / Work Environment

Depends on the clinic.

Environmental Friendliness

This is a very "green" company

Handicapped Accessibility

Not really. You wouldn't be able to keep up.

Workplace Safety

Our policies are based on government regulation.

Overall compensation for your work

I think so

Job Security

Hard company to get fired from. You have to really screw up.

Company Image

DaVita is the best health care company in the world!

Career Development

They encourage everyone to advance

Challenging Work

Can be