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Department of family and children service:What's it like to work here?

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Department of family and children service experience report

  • 12.Dec 2018
  • Employee

I enjoy the work that I do but the lack of staff and resources to support the work greatly affects us daily


Suggestions for improvement

  • I wish that we could keep workers I wish that we could also have flow floater workers who when someone leaves there is there are a few workers who can Tyler step in and help and support it I wish that they were better benefits like childcare or things for the employees because we spend a lot of time here away from my family is always an a lot having to eat out especially when you’re not home breakfast lunch and dinner you’re buying all three meals if you’re not preparing or if you didn’t plan on it are use lotta gas is it’s just a lot of stress right now employees

What I like about the company

I have worked here for about 10 years and have been great friendships with my coworkers I have also seen the positive impact we have on children’s lives when the work is done the right way

What I dislike about the company

I feel like leadership does not have support the employees enough to do this work and also take care of the families that we have at home I feel like the demand and time constraints that are placed upon us are very restricting

Company Culture
Support from management
Freedom to work independently
Internal Communication
Gender Equality
Attitude towards older colleagues
Career Development
Overall compensation for your work
Work-Life Balance
Company Image
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Inclusive / Diverse

The following benefits were offered to me

Parking is offered 401(k) is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered Life insurance is offered
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    Department of family and children service
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    Current employee
  • Position
    C-Suite / Leadership

The following perks were offered to me

Health and wellness programs is offered Employee discounts is offered Employee events is offered