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CHG Valley Forge, LP:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Restaurants/Hotels/Hospitality
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CHG Valley Forge, LP experience report

  • 15.Dec 2015
  • Employee



Support from management

During my time there I felt the leadership was pretty good and for the most part you had what your department needed to run their shifts; management was big on employee recognition.

Gender Equality

I experienced this as far as going for a management position even when other reps from dolce came and said I had the potiental to become supervisor verse my other co workers I still was overlooked to spite my education and experience this also took place with other minorities looking to advance, the glass ceiling is very much still active in the hospitality industry

Suggestions for improvement

  • More advacment for employees within the company regardless of race or ethnicity, removing the glass ceiling stigma. Incentive programs for the guest honoring flyer miles to help increase revenue. Better incentive for the front desk to reduce employee turn over.

What I like about the company

I enjoyed the prestige that came with working with the company it was a very professional atmosphere which I am used to for the most part the management staff at the time when I was employed was good and very hands on. Because most people never heard of the hotel and they didn't offer guest rewards or frequent flyer miles most of the time guest would not stay, which caused a cut in hrs at front desk. But the company had the best employee quarters and great Christmas parties the prizes where great I won a I pod shuffle and received a check for $300.00 dollars for being employee of the quarter.

What I dislike about the company

I did not always like the in flexible hours ,there was no room for advancement especially for minorities who are black within company, there was no promotion within the front desk and the glass ceilings is definitely taking you through a song and dance when they hire from outside anyway

Company Culture
Support from management
Freedom to work independently
Internal Communication
Gender Equality
Attitude towards older colleagues
Career Development
Overall compensation for your work
Office / Work Environment
Environmental Friendliness
Work-Life Balance
Company Image
Job Security
Handicapped Accessibility
Workplace Safety
Challenging Work
Inclusive / Diverse

The following benefits were offered to me

Parking is offered Stock or equity options is offered 401(k) is offered Paid Parental Leave is offered 401(k) Match is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered
  • Company
    CHG Valley Forge, LP
  • City
    King of Prussia
  • Are you a Current or Former Employee?
    Former job since 2011
  • Position
  • Department

The following perks were offered to me

On site cafeteria is offered Employee discounts is offered Employee events is offered