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  • Mar 24, 2016

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City Glendale
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The owner is trying but, not very successful.

Support from Management

The owner does come across as a good man and charming but, that is short lived as the face behind the man is totally different. He is NOT trustworthy. He is NOT honest and he is two faced. He tells you he cares but, really doesn’t. He couldn’t tell the truth if it was hitting him in the face. There are many of us here who are not happy. We believe his decision making on certain employees is questionable as certain employees can do whatever they want whether it is ethical or not. He has his favorites …….. And this is putting other employees and the company at risk. Since the VP is no longer here and that was a BIG mistake as she was the one who held this company together. She had a very difficult job to do and she was straight to the point. Apparently, some employees can’t handle that. You always knew where you stood and were free to talk to her about anything. You may not have agreed but, you knew whatever the decision. It was to make sure you were protected and so was the company. She was always looking out for us. When you run a company you have to be the one to make those tuff decisions and sometimes not everyone will be happy about it. Heck, the owner didn’t do it, someone had too! Anyway, those are the employees who put the company and others at risk. Not sure why the owner would make such a BIG mistake in letting her go as there is NO one here who has her experience, knowledge and cared about us like she did. Whoever twisted the owners ear should be a shamed of their self’s. She had our backs………
Bring her back! We need her, her knowledge and experience. Where’s the leadership as right now we do not have any. Employees are doing what they want, when they want and there isn’t any direction. Again, NO leadership……. The escrow manager is nice but, that’s it. She doesn’t have what it takes and her knowledge is questionable. Don’t get us wrong as she is good with the escrow officers but, why would you run to an attorney every time you are asked a question? The VP didn’t do that as she knew the answers.

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