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One of the worst to work for. Pay isnt great for what they expect from you. Just a bunch of lazy, hypocrites.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Dunkin donuts, Andover, Kansas in Andover, KS.

What I like

Not too much positive. The only thing I actually enjoyed was making beverages.

What I dislike

Not taking their employees seriously. No raises for hard work.

Suggestions for improvement

Theres too much for me to even type out.

Company Culture

They were alright sometimes but most of the time you couldnt trust anyone. I pretty much did everyone's job, including mine, AND the GMs. They dont appreciate you until you're gone.

Internal Communication

Not really. Nobody likes to communicate very well.



Work-Life Balance

No, they are open all year, never closing. You hardly get to spend time with family. They expect you to do more than they pay you

Freedom to work independently

Oh yea they do. They want you to do everyone's job.

Gender Equality

Not really treating women fairly. One woman can have her nails done or not be wearing the correct uniform and not get in trouble but if another woman did that, they would get chewed out.

Office / Work Environment

A lot of times, stuff didnt work.

Handicapped Accessibility

Nothing handicap accessible.

Overall compensation for your work

Dont get paid enough for the stuff they make you do.

Challenging Work

It wasnt too challenging. The most challenging thing was the employees themselves. Not trustworthy.

Support from management

Inclusive / Diverse

Attitude towards older colleagues

Environmental Friendliness

Workplace Safety

Job Security

Company Image

Career Development