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Dunkin DonutsDunkin DonutsDunkin DonutsDunkin DonutsDunkin DonutsDunkin Donuts

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  • Aug 19, 2016
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company Dunkin Donuts
City Pottsville
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Workplace Safety

You earn a day off if you don't call off or are late for work (1 per month) but do not get paid for it. You do not receive any paid vacation time and although you earned a day off without pay and try to take a certain day off, (with a written vacation slip) you are sometimes told there is no more slips accepted for that certain period of that month because too many had requested that day off. There is no sick time. You get written up if you do call off, Even if you are sick (vomiting, fever, etc.) although according to OSHA there are certain standards (conditions) in which you are not allowed to work being that it is a food establishment. If you do go in to work being under the weather they will make you stay and work. you are only allowed 1 half hour in an 8 hour day for break. you pay half price when you clock out for break for whatever you drink or eat. you must stand in line to do this, which can take up to 5 -10 minutes. (depending) on how many customers in line. You are pushed to go faster and faster in order to get the customers out in less than 1-2 minutes. sometimes doing two or three things at once. (taking orders, making orders) taking cash and delivering to the customers) always working understaffed and told to deal with it. I feel most of these practices (conditions) are in violation of the Fair Labor Standard Act. In addition, if you do work over your normal hours (not by choose) you are told to take longer breaks or go home early in order to decrease your hours that week. This way you never receive overtime in which you very seldom get paid for. You are given chores to do before your shift is over but most times you are still doing your chore when it is time to clock out. In addition there are times when someone needs to use the restroom and are told to wait for someone to cover them, This sometimes takes up to 15 minutes to 1 hour, especially when the shift is short employees. All you hear is lets get faster at getting the customers out. The employees are not treated fairly at these locations. They are pushed beyond there capabilities or criticized when they don't meet the requirements as fast as someone else. Also, is you call off more than once or twice a month (you sometimes get punished by receiving 3 days off without pay) and then put on a 90 day probation period). or be fired. (Unfair working conditions)

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