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Starting relationships and doing business the right way

EmployeeWorked in Administration at the time of review.

What I like

I love that this company cares about it's employees, it's clients and every person and company it comes in contact with regardless of the nature of that relationship and whether or not it directly benefits Eclaro. I also like the fair amount of pressure and expectation that management puts on employees. This creates an environment that is easy to work in

What I dislike

Individual efforts seem to only be recognized when the result of that effort is a tangible sale or placement. This allows other efforts to go unnoticed or under appreciated.

Suggestions for improvement

Rewards for quality work are unevenly recognized. This can be quite devesating. I would suggest recognizing individual efforts more in different ways.

Company Culture

People get treated the right way. That is without a doubt. But there is very little that is exceptional or exciting for employees.

Support from management

Management is very willing to sit down and actively work with any employee in the company regardless of the issue

Inclusive / Diverse

Everyone from top to bottom and beyond is included in any company activity

Attitude towards older colleagues

There is an enormous amount of respect shown between all employees

Office / Work Environment

Generally quiet but comminucation is welcome. This is a very comfortable place to work

Environmental Friendliness

There is an excess use of paper. Not to the fault of Eclaro but the building we reside in does not seem to recycle

Overall compensation for your work

Eclaro is generous with commission but less so with salary

Job Security

If the effort is put in and produce moderate results you will likely find security

Company Image

There is certainly pride to work under a management that truly believes in creating a positive culture

Career Development

Eclaro has actively provided numerous tools and more to help career and skill development

Challenging Work

It may not apply to all roles within the company but the tasks can be challenging but are generally rewarding

Internal Communication


Work-Life Balance

Freedom to work independently

Gender Equality

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety