Eli Lilly and Company: What's it like to work here?

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Great workplace. Now it is a changing environment and more focused on new hires at expense of more expereienced older.

Former EmployeeWorked at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, IN.

What I like

great company to have a long term career with. I was there for 24 years and I was compensated very well. I performed drug discovery research which has been a highlight in my entire life as well as career

What I dislike

there have been several early retirement programs which has resulted in some forced lay offs. it has become a little un-stable and has affected the every day-to-day working climate

Suggestions for improvement

make everyone feel valued including older people 55+ year olds that may be in the latter parts of their careers. the shift has been towards less experienced young people who are new to the company that do not have the same experience.

Company Culture

very positive mostly

Internal Communication

good feedback usually


it is encouraged but not always achieved across departnments

Work-Life Balance

alot of work is expected and some people do not take their vacations because of it

Support from management

immediate management has always been very supportive

Freedom to work independently

yes but some managers can micro manage

Inclusive / Diverse

could do alot better

Gender Equality

a number of strong women in this workplace

Attitude towards older colleagues

has become an increasingly younger company and older peole have been retired and so a lot of experience has been lost

Office / Work Environment

nice place to work

Environmental Friendliness

this was being improved as I was leavig

Handicapped Accessibility

less sure about this but probably could be improved

Workplace Safety

alot of training which is mandatory

Overall compensation for your work

very well paid with bonuses and stock

Job Security

has been a lot of ups and downs lately leading to 'forced' early retirements

Company Image

great career for 24 years

Career Development

definitely true especially among the new hires

Challenging Work

research is very challenging period