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Evansville Psychiatric Associates, 

Staff works very close to one another in all departments to provide outstanding care to our patients.


What I like

Owners, manager, providers and staff are some of the best people I have ever worked with. Going to work is like going to be with your second family for the day.

Company Culture

Staffed with psychiatrists,NP, psychologist, therapists, manager, customer service, receptionist, intake manager and nursing staff to provide the up most care in one office. Also owned by wonderful people who work there as well and oversee the daily operations.

Internal Communication

Messaging, phone and referral systems in place. No problems communicating with fellow staff members.


Above average. Everyone gets along very well and never hesitate to help a co-worker in need.

Work-Life Balance

Very understanding that staff has families to tend too. There is never a problem if you need to take time off for illness, pick up a sick kid or even if you just need to run a quick errand that must be done during business hours. Very flexible and understanding if you go to management with a problem.

Support from management

Everything needed to do my job is provided. If something breaks it is fixed or replaced in a timely manner. Management is also open to provide any equipment or software to make your work flow easier.

Freedom to work independently

Yes I work independently. As long as you are doing your job correctly, you are trusted to work independently. Current staff is very reliable and trustworthy.

Gender Equality


Attitude towards older colleagues

Everyone is treated equally regardless of age.

Office / Work Environment

A little chilly. Genuine happy/comfortable environment to work in.

Environmental Friendliness

We have a recycle bin. Staff takes home boxes for repurposing.

Handicapped Accessibility

Handicap parking spot. Railings in the bathrooms. Caring staff to help assist patients with special mobility needs.

Workplace Safety

Safety measures in place, security and panic alarms.

Overall compensation for your work

Fair pay. PTO hour accrual could be a little better.

Job Security

Yes. Not planning on going any where any time soon. This company makes me feel needed and missed when I am not there.

Company Image

Great. One of the only few privately owned psychiatric clinics. It's a small business with a small staff which allows for more personal relationships with patients as well as co- workers.

Career Development

I have learned a lot since I starting working here. If there is something new I would like to do management is more than willing to take the time to show you.

Challenging Work

Working with psychiatric patients is always a challenge but is rewarding when you can truly make a difference in their day with kindness, patience and compassion.

Inclusive / Diverse