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Upper management is a mess. Overworked and underpaid - managers knew but did nothing. Treated poorly as a young female.

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Former Employee

What I like

Originally when I started here, things were fine. The workload was reasonable and the environment was pleasant. There were quite a few cool people that I worked with, who were easygoing and nice to be around.

What I dislike

The environment is very toxic. Upper management changes super frequently, you rarely see them and they rarely agree with one another - make lots of last minute decisions that negatively impact those below them. Managers don't do their jobs well. My team was incredibly overworked and understaffed - our manager knew this and didn't do anything to alleviate or fix the issue. Burnout was very strong - I personally had a full-blown panic attack at work and nobody cared. I also felt that people wouldn't listen to me because I was young and also a female. Older males would say the same thing that I had been saying for months ONE TIME and finally people would listen, whereas I was treated like I was being "whiney". The head of my department was also incredibly inappropriate - favoritism, throwing people under the bus, talking bad about people behind their backs, lying to you, etc. She is definitely a big reason why so many people in the department leave.

Suggestions for improvement

You need to care about the people doing the bulk of the work - many teams are not staffed properly and end up having to work ridiculous hours to try and keep up. There was virtually no work/life balance - you were on call constantly. That causes burnout very fast.

Managers need to be trained to be managers rather than just being handed the job with zero experience.

Listen to your employees and take them seriously. Ageism and sexism was running rampant there while I was around and from what I hear, still is. You also need to get rid of people who abuse their power and are inappropriate for the workplace.

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