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Culture Compass - traditional or modern?

Based on data from 3 company culture assessments, Expedia Group employees perceive its company culture as being traditional, whereas the industry average leans toward being modern. The overall company culture satisfaction rating from 70 reviews is 3.8 on a scale from 1 to 5.

Traditional Culture
Modern Culture
Expedia Group
Industry average: Internet

The four dimensions of company culture

Company culture can be categorized into 4 key dimensions; work-life balance, working together, leadership, strategic direction. Each of the dimensions has its own traditional to modern scale.

Work-Life Balance
Working Together
Strategic Direction
Expedia Group
Industry average: Internet

The most voted cultural factors

Here are the most voted cultural characteristics as voted anonymously by 3 users.

  • Inform employees on a need-to-know basis



  • Lose customer focus

    Strategic DirectionTraditional


  • Help colleagues

    Working TogetherModern


  • Respect other opinions

    Working TogetherModern


  • Drink the company's kool-aid

    Work-Life BalanceTraditional


Most recent culture comments from reviews

Did you know there are 6 culture-related questions when you add a review on kununu? Here is what people have been saying recently.

Company CultureEmployee

Everything has taken a hit with covid and our year before that was pretty awful, but prior to that and to all appearances going forward, the culture is great. It must be bad in some areas from what I see in these reviews, but throughout the core tech group - what used to be the central group, then brand Expedia - it's great. Minus one star for choosing people to lay off without consulting their managers. This is really a more than a one-star matter - it's huge - but not indicative of the overall culture or usual behavior.

Internal CommunicationEmployee

More than I can keep up with. Constant opportunities to ask questions and give feedback. Weekly CEO and senior leadership emails.

Work-Life BalanceEmployee

This has been a point of emphasis since I started. We are encouraged to take our vacations. None of this "unlimited time" in which everyone is afraid to take any time BS. More than that - managers who say, I know you didn't get all your time last year. Take some extra time this year. You earned it.

Freedom to work independentlyEmployee

This is one of things I value most. Throughout my many-year tenure I've been treated like an adult. I'm not held accountable for my location or time, but my output.

Company CultureFormer Employee

A lot of talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Favoritism is rampant, communication between upper management and floor staff is terrible. Work/life balance is not what they advertise.

Internal CommunicationFormer Employee

Communication between team members is good, for the most part. Communication from the team to management and vice versa is terrible. The local HR doesn’t communicate with regional or national HR, they just sweep issues under the rug. Personnel problems are never properly dealt with. Also, there is little to no positive feedback. But every week, they put lower performing employees on blast with a division-wide email, detailing sales metrics. Any infraction is harped on for weeks, while successes are rarely celebrated or rewarded.