Expedia Group: What's it like to work here?

Expedia Group

Love Expedia

EmployeeWorked at Expedia in Seattle, WA at the time of review.

What I like

Good vacation time and travel benefits! Vacation time goes up at the beginning of the earned year.

What I dislike

We have parental leave for both genders - 3 months - but I don't think it's paid. If it is, it's at disability (60%) rates in the US. Australia gets a year. And parking in Seattle isn't free - but that's required by the city because the streets are so packed.

Suggestions for improvement

I wish the company was freer with equity. Even more I'd like to see benefits around sustainability and sustainability as an integral part of the platform.

Company Culture

Everything has taken a hit with covid and our year before that was pretty awful, but prior to that and to all appearances going forward, the culture is great. It must be bad in some areas from what I see in these reviews, but throughout the core tech group - what used to be the central group, then brand Expedia - it's great. Minus one star for choosing people to lay off without consulting their managers. This is really a more than a one-star matter - it's huge - but not indicative of the overall culture or usual behavior.

Internal Communication

More than I can keep up with. Constant opportunities to ask questions and give feedback. Weekly CEO and senior leadership emails.

Work-Life Balance

This has been a point of emphasis since I started. We are encouraged to take our vacations. None of this "unlimited time" in which everyone is afraid to take any time BS. More than that - managers who say, I know you didn't get all your time last year. Take some extra time this year. You earned it.

Freedom to work independently

This is one of things I value most. Throughout my many-year tenure I've been treated like an adult. I'm not held accountable for my location or time, but my output.

Inclusive / Diverse

The intent is there. The results could be better. I believe the new CEO will follow through on improving this.

Gender Equality

Same as above. It's been improving over the years and I expect it to continue.

Attitude towards older colleagues

So far, so good. Was a little worried

Environmental Friendliness

This has long been a bone of contention. The last CEO agreed to offset all of EG's internal carbon and this continues. Currently the company is working with UNESCO to encourage sustainable tourism. There's a tremendous will among the employees to make EG a sustainable company, but not enough TLT members recognize sustainability as crucial to the company's success as well as to the planet.

Handicapped Accessibility

Varies by site. The HQ interior is ok, though I wouldn't want to try to get into some of the conference rooms via a wheelchair, and the handicapped restrooms are oddly placed. There are no buttons to open the interiors to them, either. However, handicapped access via the shuttles and buses is abysmal. Shuttles are what they are- not good if you're on wheels or crutches. But they built the employee entrance up a lot of stairs or an ancient, creaky elevator, across an *arched* bridge, down the same way and then across a *gravel* yard. I can't count how many people on crutches of scooter I've seen do it. We have no wheelchair employees because our last site was so bad. Accommodates visual and hearing disabilities reasonably, I think - though that entry can't be fun with a cane and a dog. Accommodates size differences reasonably well - could use footrests for when we can't get an adjustable desk.

Job Security

This one is hard to answer during covid. Up until now, I'd have given it 5 stars.

Company Image

People mistake the travel agent for the airline or hotel, so there all kinds of issues that Expedia gets blamed for that are beyond its control.

Career Development

Depends on your manager, but the structure is available

Challenging Work

You might have to ask for it. Growth mindset is encouraged.


Support from management

Office / Work Environment

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work