Expedia Group: What's it like to work here?

Expedia Group

Not great for contractors, excluded from a lot of resources that are FTE only

Not recommended
Temp / ContractorWorked in IT at Expedia in Bellevue, WA at the time of review.

Suggestions for improvement

- Increase diversity and gender equality with women in leadership roles.
- Offer commute options to vendors and shuttles from more than just Bellevue to Seattle and within Seattle to the campus.
- Include all employees in decision making process, have surveys with open-ended answers not funneled into multiple choice questions.
- Increase transparency across teams and more collaboration and communication regarding changes that will impact multiple teams.

Company Culture

Not much of a company culture, as a vendor I can’t speak to much of this because I haven’t seen much. Some teams do small events after work but not much else.

Internal Communication

A lot of teams do not know what others do. There isn’t much cross-company communication about high-impact projects and changes made that affect other people’s work. Usually have to find out after-the-fact.


Great teamwork within my own team, across the company and departments there is a lot of room for improvement.

Work-Life Balance

Work stays at work very well at Expedia but commute times eat into personal time with few options given for people outside Bellevue. No access to company commute programs for vendors.

Support from management

Employees are not involved enough in the decision process made by leadership teams. Human capita isn’t tapped enough for new ideas and process improvement ideas.

Freedom to work independently

Very structured work.

Inclusive / Diverse

Very diverse, mostly inclusive, a lot of improvement needed to have more women in leadership roles.

Gender Equality

A lot of room for improvement, leadership team includes very few women and few are in high-level leadership roles.

Office / Work Environment

Good for now, the new campus has odd ideas - like no desk personalization, and putting your mouse and keyboard in a locker each day. Neighborhoods for teams and no assigned desks or spaces. Mixture of ergonomic and conference style desks in open areas for people to work and it is first come first serve.

Environmental Friendliness

Expedia isn’t doing enough to improve its environmental footprint, there will be some solar panels on the new Seattle HQ but that’s it. Insufficient carpool, shuttle and commute options, and none at all for vendors.

Overall compensation for your work

Vendors are paid about 2/3 of what their agencies charge Expedia for their time.

Job Security

Rare that vendors can get extensions to contracts.

Career Development

Few opportunities for vendors other than being there and gaining some experience.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Company Image

Challenging Work