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Wage-slavery was a funny idea for a dystopian future, but in practice it's awful.

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Logistics/materials management at Fedex Office and Print Services, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN at the time of review.

What I like

I like the autonomy and the fact that my team is like a tight-knit family.

What I dislike

I don't like the fact that I am barely compensated for my labor. In fact, my entire check would just *barely* cover my rent monthly. It's a good thing I live with a bunch of people to share the burden.

Suggestions for improvement

$15 / hr. didn't destroy any businesses in Seattle. McDonald's and Taco Bell are still going strong. You keep reporting record profits, yet we're paid exceedingly poorly. Your company still has a word-of-mouth vibe that FedEx employees are paid well, but that's dying out. People used to be proud to work for FedEx, because those people knew that they could care for their families.

Today, they can't. It's not even close. FedEx doesn't pay anything close to a living wage, they're chronically understaffed, the work is hard and dangerous, FedEx reports record profits, and they wonder why their ground-level employees keep disappearing.

Pay us. Profit isn't a dirty word, please, make plenty of money. You know what else isn't a dirty word? Compensation. Pay us a fair amount for making you a record profit even while understaffed. Maybe it'll even help the understaffing problem when people hear that FedEx is paying their employees fairly.

Company Culture

They try to instill a sense of pride, but they pay us little better than slaves; it's not a job to have if you need to pay bills. Good benefits, basically 0 pay.

Internal Communication

It's adequate. We are told about some things, but overall even our managers are often surprised by the events of each night.


Within an individual team (for example, a single flight headed to Anchorage) communication and teamwork is fantastic; outside of the team structure, you're relying on the kindness of others to not take your equipment and screw you over.

Work-Life Balance

If you want to make a living at FedEx Express working at the sort hub, you have two choices; tough it out until you make it to management, or spend all day, every day at work. Hours are available, but are so far apart that you should just take a week worth of clothes, eat at the cafeteria, and never leave.

Support from management

It's average; the expectations are often slightly more difficult than what is realistic, but then again, how else are they going to squeeze every drop of profit from our labor?

Freedom to work independently

If you can't work without supervision, you can't do this job. They'll direct what they need done, but getting it done? That's entirely up to you.

Inclusive / Diverse

I've seen more diversity in my workplace than I see in most public places.

Gender Equality

Many members of management and team leaders are female; in fact, our nightside director was female until recently.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I've never seen an issue with any discrimination against older employees. In fact, one of the most valued members of my team is an older man due for dual knee replacement surgery (in spite of the physical nature of our job).

Office / Work Environment

Uncomfortable, mostly outside work; ventilation, in spite of the massive doors, doesn't do much to get exhaust fumes away from your lungs; lighting is okay, but the only real attempts at any temperature control seem to be heat directed at the conveyor belts. They stop working if they become too cold. The technology is improving, but built upon a many decades outdated system that doesn't recognise what a mouse is.

Environmental Friendliness

I'm not certain what they could do better, but it's an airline; they burn a ridiculous amount of fossil fuels. I spend most of the night feeling like I'm sucking an exhaust pipe.

Handicapped Accessibility

There are elevators and handicap-accessible busses; the issue here, is that if you need to make use of these things, you probably can't do the work.

Workplace Safety

Everything is either concrete or steel, it's all really heavy, it moves fast and unexpectedly, and sometimes it does it quietly. If you aren't literally Iron Man, you're in trouble.

Overall compensation for your work

Compensation? What is that? Am I supposed to get a paycheck?!

Job Security

They'd fire me, regardless of how important I was to my team; however, they've never laid off an employee. Ever. That's kinda cool.

Company Image

If companies had honest advertising, FedEx Express would be, "Yeah, it's broken."

Career Development

They're clear about what it takes to get into management, and the bidding process is straightforward and fair; however, having a completely unrelated two-year degree shouldn't allow you to qualify for management, especially not when there are veteran employees that can easily perform the job, want the job, but don't meet the arbitrary college requirement.

Challenging Work

The work is hard, sometimes we ship something important, but overall there is very little payoff for the average employee.