Federal IT Consulting, LLC (FEDITC): What's it like to work here?

Federal IT Consulting, LLC (FEDITC)

Great company and wonderful people!

EmployeeWorked at Feditc LLC in Rockville, MD at the time of review.

What I like

I love the mission we support, the work that we accomplish, the employees, and the work-life balance that is offered.

What I dislike

Nothing to note.

Suggestions for improvement

My only suggestion for improvement would be to keep everyone in the loop of what's going on company wide. Because there are employees located all over the world, sometimes communication with corporate and those in the field can be lacking. Maybe a monthly or quarterly company-wide newsletter?

Company Culture

FEDITC offers an open working environment with transparency from the top down. The CEO and upper management realize employee freedom and happiness is an essential part of overall success. There are company sponsored events throughout the year, some to just say “Thanks for the hard work!”.

Internal Communication

Overall, the communication is good. However, I do feel there could be better communication between the corporate office and those in the field. Maybe a company newsletter, or something similar, to make sure everyone is in the loop?


We all know that we can count on one another to complete department and company goals. There's a good balance between individual work and teamwork, both of which lead to successful end products.

Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance is one of my favorite parts about working for FEDITC! Upper management understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance for employees and encourages it. In addition to the 17 days of PTO time, there are also flexible working hours and telecommuting options for certain positions. This company has the mentality of family first!

Support from management

The FEDITC management, including upper level executives, are extremely supportive. If I need something, I can discuss it with management and have any issues resolved quickly and appropriately.

Freedom to work independently

I am able to work independently and make my own decisions and do so most of the time. However, I can always count on the team to help out and lend a hand when it’s something I cannot do alone.

Inclusive / Diverse

FEDITC is very diverse and inclusive of all.

Gender Equality

It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, you will be treated equally at FEDITC. Positions are filled on the merit of whether you are qualified, not what your gender is.

Attitude towards older colleagues

There are young and old alike employed by FEDITC. There is no discrimination based on age.

Office / Work Environment

The work environment is great at my particular location.

Overall compensation for your work

Compensation is very fair for the work being performed. There are also annual performance based raises.

Job Security

The job security is great for corporate/overhead positions but gets tricky if you are on a contract. Contracts end so your job is only as secure as the length of the contract, which is 100% expected in the federal contracting world. However, FEDITC does an amazing job of keeping employees informed of any updates to the contract and gives plenty of advanced notice when a contract is coming to an end. They even go as far as offering another position on a different contract if one is available. They value their employees and try to make sure we have a job even after the end of a contract.

Company Image

I am very proud to work for FEDITC, and I believe our image is what makes others ready to join the team as well. FEDITC is a smaller company, but we operate like a larger well-established corporation in all the right ways.

Career Development

There are plenty of opportunities for career development within my area in the company. I've already been moved to different positions with increasing responsibility and there's more room for advancement in the future. The company is growing, which means the employees that are here now have a great opportunity to move up. FEDITC also offers training and development courses that apply to the position you're in, or the position you hope to be in soon. While it's not tuition reimbursement, it's still the company trying to help their employees expand their professional knowledge, and I appreciate that.

Challenging Work

The work is challenging. Every day is different, and that's what makes it enjoyable.

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety