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Federal IT Consulting, LLC 

Company lacks in culture and valuing their employees

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at Feditc LLC in Rockville, MD at the time of review.

What I dislike

I don't feel valued and have rarely been shown that I am valued.

Suggestions for improvement

Put your employees first. Try to remember that they are the heart of your company. Not the money you get from your contracts won. Employees can make or break a company.

Company Culture

There is very little culture at FEDITC. An employee, once hired, is left to fend for themselves mostly. There is little investment in employees either through continued education or company provided training.

Internal Communication

Official company communication from the corporate office is professional and gets the job done. Interpersonal communication between many of the companies member of leadership is unprofessional, and usually unhelpful. You have to drag every little piece of information out of them bit by bit.


Teamwork is what you make of it. If you don't initiate the teamwork you will be left floundering on your own. It does not appear that teamwork is truly promoted throughout the company.

Work-Life Balance

Good balance between work and life.

Support from management

Like I said above.. kicking and screaming. You only truly get managements attention when you have done something to make them mad. They pay little attention to successes and accomplishments.

Freedom to work independently

I can work on my own. No one bothers me.. ever.

Gender Equality

They are gender equal

Attitude towards older colleagues

They are age tollerant

Environmental Friendliness

No Company recycling program exist.

Handicapped Accessibility

Company makes necessary accommodations for Handicapped.

Workplace Safety

No Real safety program established by the company. There is no reports to employees about company safety. Company needs to learn OSHA requirements and follow them.

Job Security

Security for job is there as long as you don't make anyone mad. Once you do, you are under threat of termination sometimes without warning or disciplinary action.

Career Development

Company does very little to provide career development for its employees. It does not support tuition reimbursement and most of the time when training is requested the request is rejected.

Inclusive / Diverse

Office / Work Environment

Overall compensation for your work

Company Image

Challenging Work