Federal IT Consulting, LLC (FEDITC): What's it like to work here?

Federal IT Consulting, LLC (FEDITC)

This Company Is Amateur at Best and Unprofessional at Worst

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Logistics/materials management at Feditc LLC in Rockville, MD at the time of review.

What I like

Difficult to say anything positive as I feel I know little to nothing about the company, the management, and front office employees nor do I feel like I am part of a team

What I dislike

The feeling that FEDITC only cares about money and that every employee is looked as a butt to a seat on a contract

Suggestions for improvement

Stop focusing on just the bottom line, focus and interact with employees as human beings first, start communicating with employees

Company Culture

Company Culture is non-existent due to owners/managements lack of interpersonal skills. Besides a late birthday card you will rarely hear from anyone in the company's head office.

Internal Communication

You will receive almost zero correspondence once employed. Company news (basic professional company update etc. is not shared. The only time you will hear from anyone in the front office is when there is a new policy memo published or if you make a mistake on something administrative such as with a time card etc.


You have to have a "team" before you can have teamwork.

Support from management

It is very apparent that FEDITC is owned and managed by engineers and IT professionals. The owners/management are indifferent to basic psychology/sociology and basic needs of human beings. The company seems to care only about winning contracts and completing ISO requirements -not to actually to become a better employer- but to win more contracts.

Freedom to work independently

Independence is not a problem by default, because you will never hear anything from management.

Inclusive / Diverse

Independence is not a problem by default, because you will never hear anything from management.

Gender Equality

The company does not discriminate against any gender

Overall compensation for your work

The company does not discriminate against any gender

Job Security

As long as you do your job and the customer is happy no one discusses job security with you.

Company Image

FEDITC's image -in my opinion- is somewhat tarnished at my worksite due to all the above. More than one government employee (that deals with the FEDITC contract) has asked me personally my thoughts on the company's management in respect to being aloof.

Career Development

Professional education opportunities are not offered by the company to better ones professional education and service to the customer.