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Ficosa North America 

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I'm a molding operator I run a machine that runs car mirrors I inspect them and fix them up if anything is wrong

EmployeeWorked at Ficosa North America in Cookeville, TN at the time of review.

What I like

Everyone is pretty nice and works together for the most part esp when needed the most and we get things done. Decent pay and 40hrs vacay as soon as hiired on

What I dislike

The oil leaks and cheap machinery and materials when they have the money to fix all of it and make it better. Jus cheap an make us work harder and clean things up that shouldn't be leaking

Suggestions for improvement

Cleaning up the machines and fixing them and order high class materials

Company Culture

Decent work

Internal Communication



Yes be respectful

Work-Life Balance

Yes a lot days off

Support from management

Decent work

Freedom to work independently

Somewhat but watched

Inclusive / Diverse


Gender Equality


Attitude towards older colleagues

They act like the older ppl can't do as much but if can't do it we're told me we can't work there

Office / Work Environment

Decent gets hot tho

Environmental Friendliness

Yes scrap goes in scrap and boxed up

Handicapped Accessibility

Not seen any really maybe 1

Workplace Safety

We're careful you have to pay attention

Overall compensation for your work

Yes always could be better tho

Job Security

Unless I get too many points I'm good

Company Image

Million dollar company so yes

Career Development

Decent but could be better training

Challenging Work

In between better once learned