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First Choice Home Health 

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There's high degree of culture amongst employees in my company

C-Suite / LeadershipWorked in Executive leadership at 1st Choice Home Health Services LLC in Florissant, MO at the time of review.

What I like

My company is highly cultured, there's good relationships between the employees and the employer, there's career advancement opportunities in my company, there's no gender discrimination, there's no age discrimination, everyone has equal opportunities.

What I dislike

I did not disapprove of anypart of my company

Suggestions for improvement

I'll advice that the cordial relationship between the management and the employees continues so that the company can be more productive.

Company Culture

Extremely positive

Internal Communication

There's high degree of culture in the the company i work for


My company encourages workers to work together

Work-Life Balance

There's adequate work-live balance in my company

Support from management

My company provides me with the support i need

Freedom to work independently

Employer trust employees to work independently

Inclusive / Diverse

Employees opinions are acceptable

Gender Equality

There's is no gender barrier in the company i work for

Attitude towards older colleagues

There's no age barrier, everyone has equal opportunities

Office / Work Environment

My company provides conducive working environment

Environmental Friendliness

Our environment is always clean and tidy

Handicapped Accessibility

My company provides necessary resources for the disables

Workplace Safety

There's high security in my company

Overall compensation for your work

I am well paid

Company Image

I'm very happy to be working for my current employer

Career Development

There's career advancement opportunities in my company

Challenging Work

Not challenging

Job Security