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  • Jan 12, 2016

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company Frys Electronics
City Plano
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Department Distribution/sales

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If you are looking for a job and or thought of having a passion for electronics in any manner, stay away from Fry's. The company alway's had seemed to pull in my attention while being a young teen to a young adult. I was thrilled to hear I had received the job only to meet the unrealistic expectations of the company as well as management. The whole system at Fry's was the typical work for big brother. When I say this I truly mean cheat, lie, falsify, for the sake of the company. Behind closed doors Fry's is the epitome of what many people proclaim as horror jobs. The reason most customers have horrible expectations when walking into a retail store are based around companies as so. You were told to sell a certain amount of PSCs or (frys warranties) to which failure to do so can and would lead to termination. This is how your manager of your department would make his money along with his hourly. If you did not hit the quota you were frowned upon. The warranties were proclaimed to be absolutely full coverage to the customer. But the moment you bring in your item that was damaged or failing was the moment you most likely were confronted by management or the manager in returns of that day, saying or most of time lying to you saying that damage was my covered. Even if it was DoA (dead on arrival) once the product is sold to a customer your bogus warranty is at the discretion of the returns manager of that day. And let's say he/she is the manager of computers and so happens to be in charge of returns that day. And let's say your returning your computer. He/she will snake you in anyway to prevent that from happening or he will deny your warranty because your adamant you want your refund. In return he keeps the money the warranty has made him. Because if you returned it successfully that would come out of his check. The training was not existent you are thrown to the wolves. And if you do happen to land in any sales? It's full commission so don't be surprised if you fall into withdrawal (not making the company enough money) and you will be terminated within two weeks of withdrawal. The sales people are and become the "used car salesman". If a product is on sale it gives absolutely $0 commission. Thus when you see an awesome item on sale at fry's, and go to pick one up. Don't be surprised that 7/10 times the associate of even manager will tell you the product is out of stock, when they know well they have 200 in the back. And "we do price matching!" I'm just gonna leave it at that. After some insight I'm sure you can see that as well is snaked. So if you know what you want!? Don't go to fry's, the manager/salesman will absolutely make you been over backwards and then some to up sell you for the commission or tell you they have nothing in stock if they make nothing. Just FYI the commission received is on there computers every time they look up a product. Watch closely if you shop there once they search that they will see what they make and not even bother seeing if they have it. And on top of that most of the salesman read the back of the box to you because they have no idea what they have in their hands. Thank you! That is all.

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