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At Home Stores 

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Former manager

Not recommended
Former C-Suite / LeadershipWorked in Logistics/materials management until 2017.

What I like

Great discount, majority of the hourly staff is great.

What I dislike

Company core values are stressed by online daily training but are rarely used in store. Upper management thinks they're above doing the work and leading by example rather than sitting behind a desk 50 hours a week. Hostle work environments and your best is NEVER enough.

Suggestions for improvement

Trash the lean labor model. Listen to your employees.
Be consistent.

Company Culture

The company wants to do well by its employees but more often than not, they make work unbearable with the prided "lean labor model"

Internal Communication

Many people keep useful and needed information to themselves until its too late.


Associates and managers alike are often left alone on the salesfloor, consistently having to move merchandise that its awkward and weight 75+ pounds alone.

Work-Life Balance

Hourly managers are forced to work off the clock because there's no time in the day to do computer work.

Support from management

Everyone claims to support you, but are really only concerned about themselves or what directly effects them.

Office / Work Environment

Managers are forced to be drill sargeants to be able to get the workload done, often leading to massive turnover rates.

Career Development

They claim the growth potential is limitless, after several years, I've seen that to be completely false.

Freedom to work independently

Environmental Friendliness