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Fantastic company to work for! I'll never work for anyone else!

EmployeeWorked at GEICO in Lakeland, FL at the time of review.

Company Culture

Very diverse and they encourage and foster diversity both professionally and socially.

Internal Communication

From the CEO down, communication is excellent. I've always understood the "why" of how things are done. If I wasn't sure, the answer was ALWAYS available.


Teamwork is developed and encouraged in the individual associate, their immediate team, and continues up through department, division, region, and company.

Work-Life Balance

Every single one of my supervisor and managers has understood that sometimes life happens. I'm also sometimes too dedicated to my job and spend long hours because I love my work. I've had supervision on a few levels encourage and remind me to go home and enjoy life too. At the same time, those who abuse this are dealt with as well so that the whole team isn't suffering because of one person's lack of work ethic.

Support from management

There's not an office I can't walk into and get the support and help I need with ANY issue. My current management team especially encourages it. They are all personally invested in seeing their team succeed and understand that means helping each individual person succeed.

Freedom to work independently

I think it's because of the team approach to everything that we excel in this area as well. When you show that you've grasped the job and will ask for assistance when needed, my company will empower you to work on your own tasks and trust you to get things done. I feel empowered and supported entirely.

Inclusive / Diverse

We include and support EVERYONE.

Gender Equality

This is probably the most gender diverse company I've ever worked for.

Attitude towards older colleagues

We include and support EVERYONE.

Environmental Friendliness

We are huge on lessening our footprint and have regular contests for recycling as well.

Handicapped Accessibility

It's not just about meeting AMA guidelines. It's about enabling and accepting any and all levels of ability.

Overall compensation for your work

Salary is competitive, and the benefits are incredible, especially in a time where more and more employers are reducing these benefits. I have great health insurance, dental, vision, etc, 401k.... All at minimal cost to me. My company wants me healthy and protected and secure for my future.

Job Security

I don't live in fear ever for the future of my job or my career. My company has my back and wants me to stay and succeed. I've always felt that way.

Company Image

The public loves GEICO!!

Career Development

If you want to move up, there's plenty of opportunities to do so and you're helped, trained and encouraged along the way.

Challenging Work

I'm certainly never bored!

Office / Work Environment

Workplace Safety