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The company provided many different job experiences and paid within range.

Former Temp / ContractorWorked at General Healthcare Resources, LLC in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

What I like

The company was well known and provided work experiences for many different healthcare venues. Depending on your interest and speciality they had a job for you that fits your schedule. The hours were very flexible depending upon your life responsibilities. Many of the hours were nightshift or evening shift. There were limited dayshift hours, but it all depends what one is looking for in a job. At the time, I was fully employed by another company and I was interested in making extra cash because I had a daughter in school who needed my assistance. This company gave me an opportunity to be hired as a perdiem status. Therefore, I worked many of the evening and nightshift hours in two different facilities. One facility was the nursing home where I was the charge nurse on nightshift. The other facility was a hospital setting where I worked on a medical surgical floor.

What I dislike

The only part of the company that I disapprove of is the pay. I think nurses should be offered more money than they were paying.

Suggestions for improvement

The company could offer a support network for their employees where they can have an opportunity to share their experiences with each other.

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