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Employee Satisfaction

    • 2.8Overall compensation for your work
    • 2.9Job Security
    • 3.1Company Image
    • 2.9Career Development
    • 3.1Challenging Work
    • 3.0Company Culture
    • 2.9Internal Communication
    • 3.2Teamwork
    • 3.0Work-Life Balance
    • 2.9Support from management
    • 3.2Freedom to work independently
    • 3.0Office / Work Environment
    • 3.1Environmental Friendliness
    • 3.6Handicapped Accessibility
    • 3.5Workplace Safety
    • 3.4Inclusive / Diverse
    • 3.6Gender Equality
    • 3.4Attitude towards older colleagues

Companies are rated on kununu across 18 unique factors that fall into 4 categories. Since 2014, 803 employees and candidates rated this company with an average of 3.1 points.

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What employees say

Employees like

A new study shows a link between a positive employee experience and a positive financial impact for companies. The Employee Experience Index, or EXI, surveyed more than 23,000 workers across a number of countries and was conducted by human capital management solutions company Globoforce and information technology company IBM. After analyzing the data, the EXI teams found that they could measure employees' personal experiences at work in terms of belonging, purpose, achievement, happiness and vigor.'These five dimensions reflected core ideas ...
This is a great opportunity learned so much
I am always praised by my employers! I have good health benefits. There is tutition reimbursements and career programs offered at the worksite. Overall i love what i do because i feel as though i am an asset to the community and my company!
I have been given the opportunity to create and run a program that has allowed me to positively impact many families in the community. I have also had a mentor that had helped me grow immensely over the time I've been there.t
Back office is really nice. The pay was okay for the location but you’re driving a lot so the drivetime Pay is crap. You get a full schedule fast and the clients really count on you so the job can really get demanding
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Employees don't like

the jobs can be a bit stressful sometimes you need to be on your feet a long time and that can be tiresome the pay is not great but there are some perks to the job
Wont do anything to prevent customers stealing but will employees. Retail director is not pleasent if you quit they ban you from being rehired
I really hate that they claim "the mission" is about getting people jobs. Again, I don't even feel they're properly taking care of their own employees, you know, the ones doing the hard work. Corporate is rather greedy and strict. You are often doing the work of 2 or 3 people so Goodwill can save a few bucks which seems ridiculous seeing Goodwill makes all their money off free donations, you know, actual kindness of people giving and Goodwill doesn't ...
Management is secretive, we’d be supportive if we weren’t lied to at team meetings. Changing job duties for staff weekly without thorough training or compensation is frustrating and unprofessional.
It's a money machine.
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Suggestions for improvement

Quit criticizing emplyees the image problem was ridiculous. I did appreciate the opputunity to work for goodwill but the employees at this particular store were awful. Management was more concerned about perfectionism and bounderies than teaching . yes i was taught alot but i felt left out of certain jobs that i could have been taught as others were taught them.
Allow employees to donate their expertise to save hundreds of items from the landfill.
Racial training it’s like people are trying so hard not to be racist or bias
we need to discuss what is happening in the world today so there will be an understanding about it
Listen to your employees ask how you can help
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Benefits & Perks

Here are the most voted perks & benefits as confirmed by 795 employees in their reviews.

  • Employee discountsEmployee discounts
  • Vision and dental healthcareVision and dental healthcare
  • Paid time offPaid time off
  • ParkingParking
  • Life insuranceLife insurance
  • 401(k)401(k)
  • Flexible working hoursFlexible working hours
  • Health and wellness programsHealth and wellness programs
  • Employee eventsEmployee events
  • 401(k) Company Match401(k) Company Match
  • Easy access to public transportationEasy access to public transportation
  • Tuition assistanceTuition assistance
  • Flexible spending accountFlexible spending account
  • Desirable office locationDesirable office location
  • On-site CafeteriaOn-site Cafeteria
  • Paid Parental leavePaid Parental leave
  • Free snacks and drinksFree snacks and drinks
  • Vehicle allowanceVehicle allowance
  • Free mealsFree meals
  • Ability to work remotelyAbility to work remotely
  • Stock or equity optionsStock or equity options
  • Pet-friendlyPet-friendly
  • On-site fitness centerOn-site fitness center
  • Reimbursed daycareReimbursed daycare
  • On-site daycare facilityOn-site daycare facility
  • Relocation allowanceRelocation allowance

Best and worst factors

Best rated: Gender Equality


The best rated factor of Goodwill is Gender Equality with 3.6 points (based on 109 reviews).

This area was fine no issue
My hours were cut because I was pregnant
Yes, 90% of employees are women
Mostly women worked there
They do well with this
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Worst rated: Overall compensation for your work


The worst rated factor of Goodwill is Overall compensation for your work with 2.8 points (based on 133 reviews).

It depends on your role, I'd say cashiers are paid fairly but a donation attendant is basically a mover at a faster pace, you'll be moving 1000s of pounds of furniture, boxes of books, heavy bags of donations, it's way more physically demanding and you risk hurting your back, knees etc. Yet cashiers and donation attendants are paid the same wage starting at $9.50 an hour.
Pay is good for thirft shop
That place makes thousands of dollars a day but only paus employees who arent magagement minimum wage.
Minimum wage.
Not at all, I am in position for teamlead but am not receiving teamlead pay
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Career Development

Career Development rating


Career Development is rated with an average of 2.9 points (based on 105 reviews).

Do you own learning/training.
Always room for advancement
The company believes everyone can be coached up. This has lead to the only people leaving be talented people who have no room for advancement. People rise to the point they can't go any higher and stay there.
Was told before accepting position that after 90 days would be eligible to transfer to any department, not true, new policy is one year.
There are prospects with growth opportunities
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47%rate their salary as bad or very bad (based on 763 reviews)

How much can I earn?

Avg. annual salary - gross - full time
Assistant Manager3 salaries reported
Shift Supervisor2 salaries reported
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Company Culture

Traditional Culture
Modern Culture
Industry average: Civic & Social Organizations

Employees mostly perceive the following cultural factors at this employer: Be flexible and Let employees decide a lot on their own.

The four dimensions of company culture

Industry average: Civic & Social Organizations
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