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Not a good place to work

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Production at goodwill in Batavia.

What I like

It can be a fun place to work and most all the people there are great. They do provide a good service for people who aren't wealthy to be able to afford buying a lot of helpful to have items but it all seems to be a money agenda rather than "Goodwill"

What I dislike

I really hate that they claim "the mission" is about getting people jobs. Again, I don't even feel they're properly taking care of their own employees, you know, the ones doing the hard work. Corporate is rather greedy and strict. You are often doing the work of 2 or 3 people so Goodwill can save a few bucks which seems ridiculous seeing Goodwill makes all their money off free donations, you know, actual kindness of people giving and Goodwill doesn't give much back to the people making it all possible, they mostly take advantage of the situation. The definition of Goodwill is definitely an illusion at Goodwill stores. I have seen no real proof of people getting jobs that doesn't fit into their agenda of opening new stores to make more money. Of course they're creating more jobs by opening more stores but I believe it's all about the money from what I've seen while working there.

Suggestions for improvement

Goodwill needs to realize they have good hard working people there and take care of them better. Pay more or at least not cut so much out of peoples hours. It would help to be more staffed so the work load is more enjoyable and fair so people will actually want to stay.

Internal Communication

You'll be lied to


Doesn't seem like teamwork. I've been told not to help out where it's needed

Work-Life Balance

Decent, they'll work you when it's busy and send you home hours early when it's slow so they can save payroll. At times you'll have your hours cut in half and your paycheck will reflect it

Support from management

It's funny when higher ups come in and all a sudden the managers are working harder and doing things you never see them doing otherwise, it's like, oh? So this is what they're supposed to be doing. At times a lot of them do help out but not to the full extent they probably should be.

Freedom to work independently

Hmm, you aren't ever really working alone here.

Inclusive / Diverse

Not really. You'll clearly see things that could be improved but you won't get much say. For example, the trash bins have holes\cracks in the bottoms and broken glass gets all over so you'll be stepping on stuff including glass most of the day.

Gender Equality

Hmm, I'd say yes but in reverse women aren't expected to do the heavy lifting, although some do.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I would say yes

Office / Work Environment

You will be breathing thick dust all day, it shows on a lot of things around the place, like unusually thick dust and grime buildup. Break room is far from sanitary, tables are dirty most of the time. I don't think I saw that the sink was cleaned once in 6 months time. Again, you'll be stepping on glass and small parts much of the day. It's overall fairly cluttered in the back.

Environmental Friendliness

They don't even recycle glass because there's no money in it so tons of glass as well as perfectly good items go in the trash and into landfills. Examples: Glass and a lot of it. If it's not November or December most all Christmas decorations, Christmas Trees even pretty much new ones, wreaths, ornaments ect. Straight into the trash. Same with other holiday items, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving if it's not the month of those holidays 98% of that stuff goes straight into the trash. Almost all baby items, cribs, walkers, swings, strollers etc. straight into the trash. Safety gear, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads etc. straight in the trash. Almost all sleeping pillows and blankets straight into the trash. 99% of VHS tapes straight into the trash. Often perfectly good toys and a lot of them go in the trash as well. 70% of shoes go in the trash, they do recycle some shoes but so many go in the trash. Often to meet goals I've seen pricers throw away almost full containers of donations just to move onto easier things to price. They do recycle metal of course because there's money in it. So no, I wouldn't say they're environmentally friendly.

Handicapped Accessibility

I'd say yes, there's no stairs there

Workplace Safety

No not really, again the rolling garbage bins have holes in the bottom so you're stepping on shards of glass often. A lot he 45s (large containers that hold the donations) are broken in some way, you often have to lean into them and risk falling seeing they're broken, a lot of them have cracks, chunks missing which also contribute to broken glass all over the floor or some other thing you could slip and fall on. Again you're breathing thick dust in the air all day, would be nice if they had air filters of some sort.

Overall compensation for your work

It depends on your role, I'd say cashiers are paid fairly but a donation attendant is basically a mover at a faster pace, you'll be moving 1000s of pounds of furniture, boxes of books, heavy bags of donations, it's way more physically demanding and you risk hurting your back, knees etc. Yet cashiers and donation attendants are paid the same wage starting at $9.50 an hour.

Job Security

Jobs are fairly stable as far as having one because the turnover rate at Goodwill is terrible, once most people see what they got themselves into especially donation attendants, they're outta there fast. Other roles aren't as bad. The problem with stability there is they're always looking to cut hours so they can pay you the absolute minimum even though we all know Goodwill is making million of dollars per store each year. Then they ask with each purchase for you to round up to the nearest dollar and donate your poket change and claim it goes to helping people get jobs. In reality they aren't even taking care of their own employees.

Company Image

You'd think you would be proud to work at a place like Goodwill but I don't get that sense at all. Once you know the truth of how much they throw away, how much they cut the workers hours versus the money they have coming in it's quite pathetic actually. You really have a guilty feeling knowing people donate stuff thinking it will go to someone in need which some of it does but somewhere between 40-70% of donations end up in the trash.

Challenging Work

I'm not sure there's much to be proud of here. (read comments above) You work, you work hard, you aren't paid a very good wage then they cut hours from you so the reward is minimal as well. The work is challenging but mostly because it's often physically demanding but most people can do it.

Company Culture

Career Development