Google: What's it like to work here?

  • Mountain View, United States
  • IndustryInternet
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Excellent company to work for with excellent pay and benefits and opportunities for advancement.

EmployeeWorked at Google in New York City, NY at the time of review.

What I like

I am extremely satisfied working for this company. I love what I do, and the pay and benefits and career opportunities that come with it.

What I dislike

I do not disapprove of anything at the moment.

Suggestions for improvement

Maybe more dairy-free and vegan options for food. Open cafeterias earlier for dinner.

Company Culture

I love working here and with all the smart people here.

Internal Communication

I feel the communication is very good.


Work mainly in teams.

Work-Life Balance

Has been very flexible.

Support from management

Very supportive manager.

Freedom to work independently

I am trusted to work independently and to know when to ask for help.

Inclusive / Diverse

I try to keep religion and politics to myself.

Gender Equality

Committed to increasing diversity.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Older employees with knowledgeable capabilities are promoted often.

Office / Work Environment

Excellent work environment. Fun place to work.

Environmental Friendliness

Very environmentally conscious.

Handicapped Accessibility

Very supportive of handicapped.

Workplace Safety

Frequent training.

Overall compensation for your work

Excellent pay and benefits.

Job Security

Location of manager for my team has been changed a couple of times, but company is flexible to let me stay in my current location.

Company Image

Very proud. One of the top employers worldwide.

Career Development

Many growth and advancement opportunities.

Challenging Work

Challenging for my level, and also given more challenges as I progress.