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For the most part it is good. Fair work for fair pay. There is just too much freedom for variences in fairness.

Not recommended

What I like

Lots of opprotunity and potential. Unfortunately you may never see them if you work under someone that is power hungry and biased.

What I dislike

Better communications. Working as a team and building a healthy workplace start with common decencies that can't be met when someone creates a tense environment with bias.

Suggestions for improvement

Hire more woman. And if a woman happens to be successful at what she does, not hold that against her.

Company Culture

Perpetual torment. Abuse of authority. Inhabitable work environment.

Internal Communication

No accountability.


Opprotunity and potential to be better is available.

Work-Life Balance

Freedom to create own schedule.

Support from management

Empty promises

Freedom to work independently

Opprotunity to work alone and with others.

Inclusive / Diverse

Uneven race ratio. Mostly Latino. It should be more well rounded.

Gender Equality

Treated equally. But it's clear women are not welcome.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Gives older employees a hard time.

Office / Work Environment

Could offer to help or cover supplies.

Workplace Safety


Overall compensation for your work

Pay is good.

Job Security

Anything can happen in this industry

Company Image

I am a very loyal and obedient employee.

Career Development

Not much room

Challenging Work

Requires technical skills and customer care.

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility