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Nothing in life is perfect! I continue to enjoy my time with HHC

EmployeeWorked at Hartfordhealthcare in Hartford, CT at the time of review.

What I like

I have worked for the company for 10 years! I have been able to learn so much and continue working with some of the best.

What I dislike

It has become too big of a business for it's own good and it gas started to become more business oriented instead of Health care

Suggestions for improvement

The wishy-washy rules that are in place are frustrating sometimes. Seems to have rules for a case by case

Company Culture

Always loved working for HHC however the management you work under is everything. Being in a few different departments, they're not all created equal. Some locations are like family and well organized where as others can be stressful and in disarray

Internal Communication

Changes based on the office or floor! Some are like family others are not


Again always encourages opportunities to work together and have everyone viewed as equal

Work-Life Balance

When I am off, I am off!

Support from management

He will always find the answer

Freedom to work independently

Always asking employees to come up with ideas that change our efficiency and quality of practice

Gender Equality

All managers are women

Attitude towards older colleagues

Hire alot a healthy mix

Office / Work Environment

Lights need to be fixed sporadically throughout office and sometimes very cold from heat functioning poorly

Environmental Friendliness

Recycling is not a contract therefore all plastic gets wastes

Handicapped Accessibility

One floor, wide halls

Workplace Safety

Do my best to keep everyone safe

Overall compensation for your work

I feel since the minimum wage was raised to 15 the incomes around that price point should have adjusted slightly

Job Security

They have gotten worse about making everyone feel disposable

Company Image

For the most part

Career Development

Pays for some CMEs, tuition reimbursement for relevant classes and also they often promote from within

Challenging Work

Healthcare requires alot of focus and juggling of all the tasks that need to be done. This makes it challenging in the sense that it is always changing which ultimately increases the vairability and challenge

Inclusive / Diverse